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  • Contact: Michael Sherber
  • Title: VP, Engineering
  • Location: Stamford, CT
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Plasma Air

Plasma Air is the leading innovator in indoor air quality by manufacturing air purification products that result in healthier, more productive indoor environments in institutional, commercial and industrial applications. The company uses highly efficient bipolar ionization technology that supports the engineering community in utilizing ASHRAE's Standard 62.1 IAQ Procedure to reduce outside air intake. This can deliver significant first cost savings, reduction in ongoing energy usage while maintaining optimal indoor air quality. Plasma Air takes the time and guesswork out of using the IAQP for new construction and retrofit projects by providing the necessary documentation and free access to PlasmaSoft – our award-winning software for making IAQ calculations and generating the associated specifications. The Plasma Air system has been proven in thousands of applications to provide the highest level of indoor air quality improvement while decreasing ongoing energy usage.