The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) celebrates over 35 years of advancing the energy efficiency industry. NAESCO is the leading national trade organization representing and promoting the energy efficiency industry in the energy marketplace, the media, and the government both at the state and federal level. 

A message from NAESCO's Executive Director, Timothy D. Unruh

Energy Service Companies contract with private and public sector energy users to provide cost-effective energy efficiency retrofits across a wide spectrum of client facilities, from college campuses to water treatment plants. Effectively utilizing a performance-based contract business model, ESCOs have implemented significant comprehensive energy efficiency retrofit projects over the last three decades. The latest Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Report estimates that ESCO investment in energy efficiency retrofit projects currently runs about $5 billion a year. Since 1990, ESCOs have delivered:

$50B in projects paid from savings                                            
$55B savings – guaranteed and verified
450,000 person-years of direct employment
$33 billion of infrastructure improvements in public facilities
450 million tons of CO2 savings at no additional cost


The U.S. Energy Efficiency Market

The U.S. building efficiency sector accounted for $83 billion in revenue in 2018.*

Overall, U.S. building efficiency products and services grew by 60%, or $7.5 billion in 2018, led by energy efficient lighting and HVAC. 

*Source: Advanced Energy Now - 2019 Market Report, Advanced Energy Economy, 2019


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