From the Desk of Timothy D. Unruh, NAESCO Executive Director

The National Association of Energy Service Companies, NAESCO, is the national trade association that represents Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and those who work with them - The ESCO Community. Together, our community is built around efficiency, sustainability, resiliency and optimization.

In 2020, I see the opportunity to make the clear message that performance contracting is the solution to efficiency, sustainability and cost reduction. However, performance contracting goes beyond those foundational items to infrastructure, resiliency, security, deferred maintenance, capital improvement, safety, and many more. In other words, I see the message is that performance contracting is THE solution - it is the solution to many types of issues. We will continue on our theme of "Renovate, Retrofit and Reduce" which continues to be the name of our annual conference, which will be held in Austin Texas this year. Finally, in 2020, NAESCO will strive to convey the importance of Accreditation, creating a message for the users of performance contracting depicting the value it brings.

As the national trade association of the ESCO Community, NAESCO provides support through:

  • Advocacy – finding pathways to make business happen, and to solve problems that arise
  • Engagement – actively involving ourselves in the energy community to encourage cost-effective solutions to infrastructure improvement
  • Training – providing workshops, webinars and conferences that will educate providers and users of energy services
  • Support – developing solutions to direct problems that arise on projects and issues our membership encounters

This year, NAESCO will hold several webinars, one workshop and two conferences. At each of these events, NAESCO will present the opportunity for the industry to Renovate, Retrofit and Reduce - promoting that the solution is performance contracting.

Dr. Unruh became NAESCO's Executive Director in January 2019.  Read more about him in his bio.

Timothy D. Unruh, NAESCO Executive Director