The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) has established an Award Program to recognize the accomplishments of our member companies. The award will be announced at the R3 Conference and Innovation Expo. Awardees will be featured in NAESCO media releases and social media posts.


This award will recognize a specific accomplishment by a member company or group of member companies. The efforts that may be recognized include, but are not limited to:

  • Significant Savings
  • Unique Savings
  • Innovative Project Approach
  • Innovative Technology
  • Overcoming Significant Obstacles
  • Environmental Justice Accomplishments
  • Community Development/Outreach

 An application highlighting the success of a project-based accomplishment is recommended to have the final construction completed prior to submission for an award.


Every nomination must include at least one NAESCO member company. The nomination may come from any employee of a member company. The nomination may include other companies, but only member companies will receive recognition. For a nomination to be valid, NAESCO will contact each primary member company representative included in the nomination for approval. Only nominations with unanimous member company approval will be considered.

This is a 2-stage application process. The initial nomination will consist of a short description of the accomplishment and why it is significant or unique. Three Finalists will then be chosen by a committee consisting of NAESCO’s Executive Director and at least two Board members and two Affiliate members. Selection committee members will not be affiliated with any of the award applicants. If needed, the Executive Director will also select independent reviewers. The Selection Committee will remain confidential. The three Finalists will be asked to submit additional information and the committee will then choose a Winner.

All Finalist nominations will receive social media recognition, however, only the Winner will receive the award. While social media may mention non-member contributions to the effort, the focus will be on member company efforts, and final awards will only be made to member companies.


NAESCO will accept nominations beginning March 15th through June 15th. Please click here to Submit Your Nomination or send the attached form to Nina Kogan at