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Energy Solutions Professionals - June 1, 2018

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ESP Helps Trenton Nursing Home Turn Utility Savings into Building Improvements

Trenton Nursing Home Turns Utility Savings into Building Improvements

Sunnyview Nursing Home & Apartments is guaranteed to save greater than $32,800 annually in energy and operational costs after energy-saving improvements are made to its facility over the next sixty to ninety (60-90) days. Sunnyview has entered into an Energy Performance Contract with Energy Solutions Professionals (ESP) of Overland Park, Kansas that will result in $215,000 in infrastructure upgrades. The goals of the project include improving building comfort and saving energy.
The improvements include new LED lighting throughout the nursing home facility, which is being funded by a low interest loan from the State of Missouri Energy Loan Program.  Additionally, building joints will be sealed and new weatherstripping will be installed around doors to greatly reduce air infiltration, and all ‘high flow’ water fixtures (toilets, faucets and shower heads) will be replaced by ‘low flow’ efficient fixtures.  

Sunnyview first engaged ESP to conduct a detailed energy audit of their 154 bed facility in order to identify all of the possible energy saving options along with the cost and utility savings. Sunnyview then worked with ESP to narrow down that list to the most critical items that would yield the quickest return on investment.  As a company who is independent of all products and vendors, ESP competitively bid the installation work for the selected upgrades in order to ensure that the Sunnyview received the best overall value.  This is a ‘paid from savings’ project, meaning that  the cost of the project will be paid from utility savings created by the new energy-saving improvements.  No costs will be burdened by the taxpayers.

By using a guaranteed energy savings contract approach, if the improvements fail to generate the energy savings promised, ESP is on the hook to write a check to Sunnyview to make up the difference

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