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- January 25, 2012

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The National Association of Energy Service Companies’ Commends The 2012 State of the Union Commitment to Clean Energy

The National Association of Energy Service Companies’ Commends The 2012 State of the Union Commitment to Clean Energy

Washington D.C. – The National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO), a national trade association which has been promoting the benefits of the widespread use of energy efficiency for over 25 years, commends President Obama for his recent State of the Union Address in which he reiterated his commitment to energy efficiency as an essential part of both our economic recovery and our long term economic growth.

In his address, the President urged Congress to join him in investing in the nation’s clean energy economy. He called upon legislators to give incentives to businesses to upgrade their buildings to make them more energy efficient, to permanently extend the federal production tax credit for wind power and to pass a ”clean energy standard” requiring electric utilities to obtain 80 percent of their power from natural gas, nuclear and renewable sources by 2035.

The President recognized that energy efficiency offers low cost solutions to America’s economic and environmental crisis stating that if the country wastes less energy, "America will have less pollution, more manufacturing, and more jobs for construction workers who need them." Terry E. Singer, Executive Director of NAESCO said that “The President clearly recognizes that energy efficiency is a critical component of our economic future and is the fastest, cleanest and cheapest way to meet growing energy needs.” The State of the Union address follows the Administration’s recent announcement of its commitment to a $2 billion investment in energy efficiency at federal facilities to be delivered primarily by ESCOS as well as an accompanying $2 billion partnership with sixty companies to accelerate their energy efficiency investment in facilities owned and managed by private sector entities.

Energy efficiency is creating jobs and economic growth and putting Americans to work right now in states across the country. The clean economy at large now counts 2.7 million workers in its ranks which includes approximately 400,000 workers manufacturing and installing more energy-efficient technologies, such as more efficient lighting and heating and cooling systems, that save consumers money on their energy bills, provide better performance and reduce pollution. The energy service industry alone has created roughly 300,000 jobs, provided $50 billion in energy savings and $25 billion in public infrastructure improvements since 1990.

NAESCO lauds the President’s leadership and encourages Washington policy makers to aggressively support the President’s clean energy proposals. NAESCO President Donald Gilligan said that “NAESCO members look forward to working with the Administration to implement the President’s energy efficiency agenda and contribute, as the President stated, to an ‘America built to last’ ”.

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