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Schneider Electric - February 3, 2010

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Omak, Wash., School District Finds Solution for High Energy Costs with Schneider Electric

Dallas - February 3, 2010 - The Omak School District in Omak, Wash., is implementing an energy saving performance contract with Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management. The $600,000 project, funded with a combination of district capital, utility incentives and reallocated savings, will reduce the district's energy costs by 15 percent. Schneider Electric guarantees the savings the performance contracting project will achieve and agrees to pay the difference if that amount is not realized. Schneider Electric anticipates completing the project by April of 2010.

The Omak School District serves 1,800 students in grades Pre-K though 12 in this northeastern Washington community. The performance contract is necessary to alleviate excessive energy use by the district, correct poor lighting quality and improve temperature control in many district classrooms. The project includes energy conservation measures such as upgrading the building management systems, installing new, energy-efficient lighting, and adding lighting controls with occupancy sensors. The five district buildings targeted by the project are the administration office, the middle and high schools, and two elementary schools. Financing for the project is covered by $200,000 in district capital, $150,000 in utility incentives, and $250,114 in energy savings financing.

"Through this project, the Omak schools will realize a 15 percent reduction in its energy expenses without requiring additional funding from the community," said Art Himmler, superintendent of the Omak School District. "Through utility incentives and unique energy project financing, the district is stretching its limited funds to provide cost savings to the taxpayers while making the learning environment better for its students."

Performance contracting offers many long-term benefits for school districts, such as improved facility efficiency, occupant comfort, financial management and environmental protection. Typically, new, more efficient equipment and upgraded facility automation systems maximize energy efficiency and generate utility savings. Schneider Electric guarantees the amount of savings performance contracting projects will achieve and agrees to pay the difference if that amount is not realized.

"As a result of this project, students and staff of the Omak school district will benefit from enhanced classroom light levels, which can improve student performance, as well as consistent and comfortable classroom temperatures," said Shon Anderson, vice president, sales, Energy Solutions group of Schneider Electric. "Fortunately, most of the cost of the project will come from a reallocation of funds spent on energy and utility rebates, providing needed facility improvements without straining the district's budget."

In addition to improving the learning environment for students, the project will have a positive impact on the natural environment. Schneider Electric estimates that the Omak School District will reduce its carbon emissions by 136 tons annually when the performance contract is completed. This is equivalent to planting 5,458 trees, removing 29 cars from the roads, or making 18 households carbon neutral.

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