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Honeywell International Inc. - June 4, 2009

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Honeywell Helps St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton Upgrade Facilities and Conserve Energy
Energy-Efficiency Improvements Allow Hospital to Address Aging Infrastructure and Reduce Utility Costs

HAMILTON, Ontario, June 4, 2009 – Honeywell (NYSE: HON) and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton today announced the completion of facility improvements under a $9.3-million energy retrofit and renewal program. By combining energy-efficient upgrades with critical building enhancements, the program will help the Charlton and Stoney Creek campuses address deferred maintenance, reduce their environmental footprints and save almost $1 million in utility costs per year.

The hospital will use these savings, which are guaranteed by Honeywell through a nine-year performance contract, to pay for the improvements. The energy conservation measures also qualified for more than $220,000 in incentives, including a record payment of $128,000 from Horizon Utilities Corp. and $95,000 from Union Gas. As a result, the hospital didn’t need an upfront capital investment or additional Ministry of Health funding for the work.

The program will significantly curb the hospital’s energy use; it is expected to reduce annual water consumption by more than 22 million litres, natural gas use by 820,000 cubic meters and electricity consumption by 7.3 million kilowatt-hours. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by approximately 3,700 tonnes per year. According to figures from Environment Canada, this is equivalent to removing more than 580 cars from the road.

“Our top priorities are to provide St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s patients with the highest quality care possible and our staff with a safe and comfortable work environment,” said Rebecca Repa, Vice President, Planning, Development and Diagnostic. “The partnership with Honeywell allows us to focus on patient care and gives us peace-of-mind that we are having a positive ecological impact on the community.”

One of the key upgrades was the replacement of outdated chillers with high-efficiency units that use environmentally friendly refrigerants. The new chillers provide a significant cooling plant upgrade, address a major deferred maintenance issue and improve operating efficiency, which translates to lower carbon emissions and energy savings for the hospital. Honeywell made significant changes to the hospital’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems as well, converting constant air volume systems to variable air volume systems that better match ventilation rates with occupancy loads. Additional measures include:

· New energy-efficient lighting fixtures with control enhancements that will provide better illumination and reduce energy consumption;

· Energy management system upgrades that will improve the control of building systems;

· Water conservation upgrades, including low-flow fixtures, valves and moderators;

· And weather sealing throughout the hospital to reduce heating and cooling loads.

Honeywell and St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton also introduced a communication and awareness program to foster a better understanding of energy conservation across the hospital and surrounding community, and drive further environmental benefits and energy savings,. The program includes a Web site — — that showcases project information, green-themed resources, information on available rebates, and tips to help staff, patients and visitors improve their environment at work, in the car and at home.

The program has also given momentum to broader eco-focused initiatives in the hospital, including a campus-wide recycling program and a move toward purchasing more green products. Coinciding with Canadian Environment Week, the hospital today held an Enviro Fair to celebrate its efforts associated with the Honeywell project and other initiatives.

Peter Love, Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation Officer, was on hand to award St. Joseph’s his Certificate of Recognition. “Partnerships between institutions like St. Joseph’s and Honeywell, provide win-win-win-win solutions,” said Love. “They enable the facility to make energy efficient upgrades with no additional government funding, they help provide a more comfortable and healthy environment for patients and staff, they save taxpayers’ money and they help save the planet by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and water use.”

Honeywell and the hospital have built upon the relationship with a second phase of work that will include installation of a new boiler plant at the hospital’s Charlton Campus. Honeywell will replace three 45-year-old boilers with efficient low-volume steam boilers, generating an annual energy savings of more than $70,000. The hospital will use Ministry funding and utility incentives to help pay for the $2.5-million performance contract. Honeywell expects to complete the boiler plant upgrade by fall 2009.

“St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton is taking a proactive approach to environmental responsibility and energy consumption,” said Luis Rodrigues, Vice President of Energy Solutions for Honeywell Building Solutions. “Through this energy retrofit and facility renewal program, we are pleased to help the hospital become more energy efficient and environmentally conscious for its patients, staff, visitors and the surrounding community.”
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