Energy project changes are sometimes unavoidable. Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) with significant changes to approved energy expenditure plans (EEPs) can now submit amendments. Please refer to the Proposition 39: California Clean Energy Jobs Act - 2105 Guidelines (page 33 - Energy Expenditure Plan Implementation Changes) for the list of significant changes that require an amendment to an approved EEP.

If an amendment is required, please contact your Energy Commission Project Manager. The Energy Commission will confirm the amendment is required and the approved EEP will be made available under the Amendment subsection of the Energy Expenditure Plan Online System.

Once the Local Educational Agency completes all modifications to the EEP, the amended EEP is submitted back to the Energy Commission for review and approval, similar to the initial application submission process.

An EEP is allowed one amendment per fiscal year.

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Date Posted: 5/6/2015