Mission Statement

The mission of the National Association of Energy Service Companies (NAESCO) is to promote efficiency as the first priority in a portfolio of economic and environmentally sustainable energy resources and to encourage customers and public officials to think energy efficiency first when they are making energy resource procurement or energy policy choices.

Accomplishing the Mission Statement:

  • encouraging high standards of quality and integrity among its members;
  • sponsoring a rigorous accreditation program;
  • serving as a catalyst for industry best business practices;
  • serving as a repository of data about aggregate energy efficiency investment;
  • disseminating information about developing technologies and their appropriate applications;
  • participating in legislative and regulatory proceedings which affect energy policy;
  • ensuring the best use of ESCOs in the delivery of energy services;
  • providing opportunities to share and publicize the benefits of energy efficiency investment and ESCO project successes;
  • and generally speaking on behalf of the Association membership when its welfare and that of the public requires a single voice
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