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XChanger Companies, Inc.

Doug Newcomer

Annapolis, MD

ALL ESCOs struggle to differentiate themselves using the same toolkit to achieve savings when securing contracts. At XChanger Companies, we PHYSICALLY MOVE THE "RIGHT AIR TO THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME" to achieve contract-winning savings of up to 30%. So simple, it is genius, Give us ten minutes over a webinar and you will be convinced, guaranteed! The XChanger is an airflow device that works with ANY source of heat or conditioned forced air from boilers, chillers, furnaces or heat pumps. The device is custom built and custom installed to existing HVAC systems in existing facilities or new design build construction. An energy audit and review of current operating costs provides the baseline information needed to start the comparison process. This data is then modeled to demonstrate the savings potential of the XChanger device in each application.

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