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LFE Solutions, Inc.

Robert M. Quintal

Lutz, FL

We Know the ESCO Market. LFE Solutions, Inc. provides solutions to ESCOs and the lighting contractors that support them, solutions that range from custom fluorescent, induction and LED retrofit, new emerging technologies in LED and solid-state lighting and controls. Formed by Rob Quintal and Mike Doucette who bring more than 40 combined years of working for or with ESCOs, LFE Solutions exists to provide solutions solely and exclusively to the ESCO market channel, solutions that range from Custom fluorescent, Induction and LED retrofit solutions, new emerging technologies in LED and solid-state lighting, and wired and wireless controls for lighting and HVAC systems. Don’t look for a line card; this is not a feature-benefit product line pitch. We keep options open and are always seeking the best overall solution for you, the ESCO.

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