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Over the past 25 years, IES has been providing Facility Solutions services to customers throughout California. IES provides design, engineering, and construction services of HVAC system applications, controls, lighting, and solar power generation facilities solutions. IES also extends expertise to providing energy management, energy education and student STEM apprenticeship programs with our existing and new customers. IES values the quality of their work and the relationships built with their customers.

"Our reputation is founded on providing quality work and customer service, and we are privileged to receive the majority of our work through referrals. NAESCO’s rigorous scrutiny and accreditation of our energy services validates our commitment to quality and performance. Most rewarding was our clients providing testimony to the benefits of energy savings and our character and integrity as a company." - Stan Butts, Vice President, IES.

One of the recent successes of IES was the design, building, and construction of a 5MW Photovoltaic (PV) portfolio covering 24 sites at Panama-Buena Vista Union School District in Bakersfield, CA and saving the district nearly $1.6MM in electric utility costs. The systems consisted of over 16,000 modules, 150 inverters and many shade structures for added benefits. In addition to the PV installation, IES performed a comprehensive lighting upgrade and energy management and training services to compliment and help maintain performance.

McClure Company

Headquartered in Harrisburg, PA, McClure Company has been providing premier engineering, energy and construction services since 1953 and has been an accredited Energy Services Company by NAESCO since 2009.  The company is built upon core values that include developing legacy relationships, financial stability through strategic and diverse offerings and a caring for the communities they serve and people they employ.

"NAESCO accreditation often serves as a third party validation for our clients; it’s a very visible indication of our commitment and expertise in the energy services marketplace.  Additionally, we benefit on many levels from our affiliation with the community of energy services professionals." - Shayne Homan, PE, Director of Energy Services, McClure Company

Through a Private - Public - Partnership, the Greencastle Antrim School District has recently experienced the benefits of McClure’s core values.  Like many of their peers, the District was faced with aging facilities in need of upgrades.  A 3rd party feasibility study identified $50M in recommended upgrades but that far exceeded their financial abilities.  The District called upon their professional team to help identify a more targeted scope of work that not only upgraded their critical needs and garnered guaranteed results but also allowed them to phase in the work over a 5 year period.  As a result, McClure sculpted a $20M, 5 year plan with guaranteed costs and savings.  The final phase of the program will be substantially complete in September, 2017.  

Wendel Energy Services

Wendel Energy Services is a nationally recognized Energy Services Company providing guaranteed Energy Savings Contracts to clients across the country. As a division of Wendel, a 75-year-old design and construction firm, Wendel Energy has the internal staff to design and implement deep energy retrofits for a variety of clients in the municipal, education, healthcare and transportation markets. Wendel is vendor neutral, ensuring that clients get appropriate and cost effective solution for their turnkey energy efficiency projects.

“Achieving NAESCO accreditation means our organization is among the best in the field. The accreditation reinforces to our clients that they are working with a company that maintains the highest quality standards and service in the industry.  Wendel is proud to be a part of this community of excellence.”  -Joseph A. DeFazio, PE, Executive Vice President.

A recent success story was a project in St. Lawrence County, NY which was faced with aging infrastructure and rising utility costs. The county needed to complete construction of a variety of improvements to address their needs. Much of this work had to be completed in a short timeframe to address urgent deficiencies and rising maintenance costs.

Wendel worked with the county to secure over $280,000 in state and utility incentives, delivering St. Lawrence County’s project for $2.42 million with a savings of nearly $800,000 or 25% from the typical design build approach.


Accredited by NAESCO in 2016, Navitas is a Kansas based independent provider of comprehensive energy services currently serving clients in the Midwest. 

Navitas provides the development, design, engineering, installation, savings verification and utility cost management of comprehensive projects that reduce energy, operations and maintenance costs of client facilities. These projects generally include a variety of measures customized for each facility designed to improve the efficiency of major building systems and equipment.

A notable recent success story is the North Kansas City School District located in a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri. The school district covers more than 82 square miles, serves more than 18,500 students through 30 school locations, which include 21 elementary schools, five middle schools, and four high schools, as well as 10 support facilities. Like many school districts, North Kansas City School District was faced with aging facilities, rising utility costs, and school funding reductions. Navitas implemented a comprehensive program that utilized an energy management plan, equipment and system replacements and data analytics to optimize building performance.  Over $30 million dollars of improvements have been funded from over 30% annual utility savings that is being achieved.

Energy Focus

Accredited by NAESCO since 2014, Ohio-based Energy Focus is a lighting company that engineers LED lighting technologies and solutions. With over three decades of experience in the lighting industry, they have been on the forefront of the LED lighting revolution.

Speaking on Energy Focus' accreditation, Chairman and CEO, James Tu said,"We're absolutely honored and gratified to have received the accreditation by the most prestigious and impactful association for energy services in America. In collaboration with all NAESCO members, we will continue to push the frontiers of technological innovations and advocacy efforts for LED lighting across the country."

Energy Focus announced last fall that its first commercial installation of tubular LEDs (TLED) had reached a 5-year anniversary. The project was a retrofit for Truline Industries, a precision machine parts manufacturer whose clients include Boeing, Airbus, United Technologies and Eaton. 

Truline virtually eliminated the need for labor costs of frequent lamp replacements associated with fluorescent lighting, as only 2 out of 930 TLEDs burnt out during the first five years. The two companies marked the TLED installation milestone with a joint-issued Customer Success Story video, which can be viewed here.

Harshaw Trane

Accredited by NAESCO in 2015, Kentucky-based Harshaw Trane is one of the state's largest and most experienced ESCOs. In business for 40 years, Harshaw Trane continues to be committed to sustainability across all areas of its business, from the environments its energy experts create to lasting partnerships with clients. Named an ENERGY STAR Executive member, 53% of the Commonwealth of Kentucky's 2015 ENERGY STAR buildings were submitted by Harshaw Trane.

A notable recent success story is Christian County Schools, located in Hopkinsville, KY. The district received new HVAC systems as well as new interior and exterior lighting, new ceilings and windows, and equipment for water conservation. In addition, Intelligent Services, a real time energy services program offered by Harshaw Trane, was installed to monitor energy and performance 24 /7, in real time. This is Kentucky's largest Guaranteed Savings Project in public schools to date.

"Harshaw Trane's NAESCO accreditation further demonstrates our investment in optimizing our client's facilities and assets. Energy has become increasingly important in our marketplace and this preeminent accreditation illustrates our commitment to leadership in the energy services industry." -- Ty Vierling, Energy Services Leader, Harshaw Trane

Climatec BTG

Climatec recently completed the necessary requirements to become a NAESCO reaccredited company. Founded in 1975, Climatec is a leader in the application of advanced building technologies, delivering workplace comfort and energy efficiency. As a systems integrator, they capture the value of legacy systems and bridge building automation, life safety, security and enterprise energy management into seamless business solutions.

Climatec finished an extensive project for the Hesperia, CA Unified School District for infrastructure improvements and the modernization of heating and cooling systems for 300 classrooms as well as LED lighting retrofits and a computer power management system. Read a case study on this project here.

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